From college fun to stuff related to dating. From daily trivia to the top 10 things across our daily lives. Catch all the fun masti and alot more Live on FireMud FM’s campus radio show Campus Diaries hosted by different Campus Rjs across college across the whole country.

Timings (Track 1) :
Monday : 7pm to 8pm
Tuesday : 7pm to 8pm
Wednesday : 7pm to 8pm
Thursday : 7pm to 8pm
Friday : 7pm to 8pm
Saturday : 7pm to 8pm

Timings (Track 2) :
Monday : 8pm to 9pm
Tuesday : 8pm to 9pm
Wednesday : 8pm to 9pm
Thursday : 8pm to 9pm
Friday : 8pm to 9pm
Saturday : 8pm to 9pm

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