Tired from the day’s hectic running around? Well how about great music and soothing talks. RJ Somya brings to you all this on her show here. Catch her here live and exclusive. To request a song on her show comment below.

Timings :Β 
Tuesday : 10pm to 11pm
Thurday : 10pm to 11pm
Saturday : 10pm to 11pm


Met him during my internship. He is 25. Way way mature than I am. I am just 21. He is 6 feet tall. I am just 5’2. We are quite opposite of each other in everything aspect. This could have gone either ways but it kind of worked out for us. The best thing is we both give each other enough space. We don’t nag each other. We have built in a lot of trust in each other in just 7 months. I feel so blessed.

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